Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Locust Swarm

Locusts positioned their eggs in the corpse  
the old worms took wing in  an omen of drone
hard as shells   anyone says they hatched

from an unstationed anger  swift to the North
they clothed the sky as a drape   pale she
turned, failed she knew he was dead lost

in the desert   that night she dreamed she drove a new
car  so new it left no footprints across the oceans and came
to where he lay in the sand  “She looked

at his face, eaten by the locusts, and tears of
blood filled her eyes.  Ever after” she would not
let her children swat the mosquitoes which might

have fed upon the dead—would lift her
face to the sky—“O locusts if you are seeking
a place from the winter you can find it in my

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