Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Now Accepting Applications" by Jeff Phallacy

Not seducing us, the sunlight
ratchets here
across our simple dinners,
not this age is wicked,
for it is wretched, and
at first
the accidental recipe
of orange-soda chicken and couscous
vibed to
the buds
in a spiced and novel sympathy,
much like the compassion of thin lace, thin silk;
Not seducing us, these cannot save us.

Let us walk
down the lime-tree lane
and put our hands
behind each other’s ears
with our knuckles
these necks for warmth and curl
under the lime-tree
whose three
are the aqueducts
for this
our entire world,
and laying
our bent knees in lazy triangles
above each other’s faces
pull down the scented flowers
and scatter them
like sliced cucumbers
or Charon-coins
above our heavier
heavying eyes,
for we are always friends, though
in the distance
across the planes of scarecrow creosote
and mountains like shattered
around this our valley
our meanings have flashed like heatlightning
reluming only two salamanders in the burning oasis
whose eyes are ruby-blue
just like yours
when your heart, not broken,
feels nothing at all.

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