Thursday, August 9, 2012

Regarding If You Must

Regarding if you must

The house is built    finally
all will survive time exemplary
to look for it—what one rejects
fishing, for example to flaunt

what lunch falsified in some modest
memoir of restaurants lived
behind worth and the vast majority
thinner   but more abundantly his while.

I could have reconstructed once in
the way of things only you come equipped with.
Yet, hey guys—all loves are quiescent, pleasant and eager
to evacuate what accounts for losses along the way.

But civility wasn’t made to be a paradise
of choices to abide by, now that so much has
clad in some way the crunch that a trick
was involved by this sudden undone reversal

your reversal left to mistrust
itself holding the one interesting
thing you buy in bulk   first out
of circumscribed materials catalogued

as ambient where hailstones
in the way of returning obviated
the walk straight along a road to
find the night—in a signature

interdicted by the obsequious
legacy a production arc
returned anxious name to batch
layers of meaning still

swimming as though by a steam
cloud stacked in a smooth pavane
on glossy people polished off
for compelling reading   to rejoice

before the abrupt
slide of conversation hearing
quarrels if you don’t spoil
it in the exterior in
roads of the mountains, cogently re
versing them by losing patience
until later, you’re right about that
gutters conduct rain to the abject

earth you represent in sliding
doors of my own decreeing
I’d crumpled chiefly to see
my own reflection in re

versing them by losing
patience after all are left
standing  providing summer the air
and all things in it   successfully glued

it left the same  gone to put
the gloves or amnesia it never got
of my own eternal law unbending legs
like a daisy before anyone spat

how much?   In twos and threes mock
orange in the cinema’s orchard trees
of eternity struck too quickly
from flint successfully glued

to you  by this time were streaming out
frivolity in the fabric  if you must

go get unbearably hot
on what it means sliding

doors of my own
days still required to the laughter

of an accounting re:
versing eternity struck too quickly from flint

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