Sunday, August 12, 2012

After Greek and Latin Orations Careful Catafalques

Stamped against.
            on no known
paradigm, a carnival
leftward down the heat
ran smoking oblique—

curious casketmaker
through a mongrel architecture.

The systems approach--                           role of majorities and minorities
in shaping public policy,              amount of participation
they think an individual should be allowed,               role they accord to
public debate in resolving conflicts,                           whether they believe that man can or is willing to subordinate his private interests             to public interests,
amount and kinds of freedom(s)                                which they think
should be granted to the individual,                         role of elites and of
experts in shaping government policies,                  role and influence of factions and of special interests,                                            whether they rely on the appointment or election of                                                           high-ranking officials—

and education                                                  is a socializing institution
 with a rigmarole whose role is assumptions,
 which always will be readily apparent. 

By attitude(!)
              by look(!)
                            by voice(!)
the man who hits can do things to the other which the other can’t even describe.

What knife
skinned off the shape of old companions?

A cut, a selection,                   a slice of someone else’s orange?—
This is the part of me that is for you.
Who am I?  What have I become?
It’s a trick deck, every other card’s the queen of hearts,

but there’s no sense of banditry, to loot someone else’s life and sentences
and make off with a point of view—
you know, that sense of stinking through crust;

Hard to imagine though, between the incandescent body       and the damp body,
A location not floodlit in facts
                        but allbright,
                                           glazed in the integrity of incoherence.

Like the sand in the sheets, the sand in the hair      I’m so lonesome for you.

Attention everyone! lest I have to kindle a light from somewhere else.
We would almost like to see so profoundly saturate a story,
(in comparison whipping everything
till afterwards we remember without the least offence);
And do but leave out the power of willing, thinking and perceiving ideas,
There remains nothing else wherein the idea can be like a spirit,
That tongue must be utterly lost in the limited extent of nature,
And thenceforward the mind adopt the body’s mysticism.
So here we go! into the space that keeps brushing away to a renewed expectation,
            (like a strand of consideration we notice
in the most preoccupied times of our dearest acquaintance).

The pomegranates are bounding from air to air
in a band of coliseums razed to the toast of health.

We meet,        freshness of aerated hearths.
            intentions      that marry detachment with respect,
led to the water,

as a great wave              skipping over the submerged shore of derision.

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