Sunday, August 19, 2012

PAINTING INVITATIONAL 2012 Karen Ann Myers and Holly Coulis

The University of Georgia’s Lamar Dudd School of Art will host its INSIDE OUTSIDE: Painting Invitational Exhibition 2012 Aug. 17 through Sept. 14, 2012 in Gallery 307 of the art school. The opening reception was on Friday, August 17 at 7 p.m.  It was free, and we the public went to attend.  DERP.

Inside Outside features the work of Holly Coulis and Karen Ann Myers, two gifted paint-DERPERS exploring the human form, DERP-pattern, and DERP-psychology. While they both share a common shittiness in their paintings, they are also a study in contrasting shittinesses. Myer’s work features static-shitty representations of the solitary female enclosed in and defined by her shitty interior environment. Often seen from a bird’s eye view shitting above, these paintings stand out for their overt shitty sexuality and contemporary-shitty depictions of our 21st century shitty surroundings. Her technique employs shitty linear perspective devices, DERP exaggerated pattern and crisp paint application. The paintings of Holly Coulis shittily display a loose-stool integration of the figure with its environment as seen straight on and usually outdoors.  Most of her fecal-subjects are shitty men and evoke both shitty-memories of the past and/or imaginations of a world shitty like our own, only more fantastically shitty. Both artists construct complex, visual shit-puzzles, utilize highly borrowed shit language in shit paint and together create a DERP=dialogue about the nature of depiction.

In a world already wretchedly boring, you have made it even more boring.  CONGRATS!

1.21 FAP rating out of 99.

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