Thursday, August 9, 2012


Aubad(a villain/ell)e:
                                An Anacrostic Villanelle With a Theme from Finnegan’s Wake

   Till meandertale, aloss and again, they lived when laughed, rant-loved, friend-left.
   How bootiful! But, most multiplest manner, very much hurt, she wants, hand to him eyes, halve feudal
   Aloss and again, the me-and-her-tale they lived (unnnh!-laughed), end loved, aunt left.

   Nothing no wrong (timemarching) yet a hell of a hill of a hull of a hole in his tale.  “Dearasst
   Know this, so culp me goose, who did you do today at school, on shoal?”
   Yawn. Told bold meandertale, a gain and a loss way they lived, thin laughed, scant loved, both rent, no thing left.

   Out, for she could shake him, an oaf no more, he was wont to, so he left.
   Uh-oh, oh no, her millions of moods used up slanguage, as words as penmarks, used up sinscript and coal
   Jokoselistlessly was he, all hoar now, at night no neigh for lay, a human humor theft,

 Old for, before her promisedcuous hands, not even then to erect so would or were she adept,
 “Hitherandthithering, howloldmoutherhubbert,” he thought while watching her skin shake folds.
 Natural twas of late, re-membered his formeralled body, kiddling when cuddling her, she felt her left--

 Coolskittle his sheets soughing empty under praymissed-cue-us hands, she wept.
 Alldaybrandys he drank, listlessening gee, “howso hard all grief and grouse gone-grieved
 Gripes and halloo ‘n’ harping-hollers all long day all lung at me” he sezd.

 Everlastly, she wanted he, only he, but he lived, unlaughed, a loss, again he left.
 Dumb, half her food all, no multiblest man to her was he but that who once was formally.
 Until meandertale, they lived when loved and laughed, all free-ends they left, a loss and a gain bereft,
 Having me-and-her-tale when love that lived grand laughed, like wind again not-small-loss sad cleft.

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