Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Everyone is putting their lover's damn toothbrush in your glass.

The bother, the gun & the holy roast...
In the dark, a finger picks the plaque from
Between the wallpaper's teeth.
Noises of a fridge opening
Like a stimulated drain
Are heard retching like barefeet
Against the neck of bridge-dwelling birds.
This is the nightie I wear to turn the lights on.
This is the lightie I swear to churn the night lone...

My body, especially the leg-up of my eye,
Is an apartment the size of her eyelash.
Drums beat nearly green inside it.
By moving sideways under a healthy mask,
Still holding a living hand within your dead one:
This is how you don't care.

Fed up with everyone's accent, you ask,
Coiffing your difference bouffant,
What polish are you putting on?

The city is a difference so ugly you'll never know
The difference or why it tries
To communicate at you with its
Silently deep-fried gesticulations
Behind the cafeteria's glass window.

Right now I'm breathing on a shiny teakettle,
I guess to see if I'm still alive.
Glittery, I startle myself in bathrooms
And find my eyes a bathrobe with pockets
That ring like telephones inside pantyhose.
I promise I bet you are sorry you're better.
The toast is too late.
My dress doesn't look great.

What necklace not made of barely seen footsteps?
The walls begin to wear lace silently
Against the floor of your body
Abuzz with the sound of hardwood-morning
The better to rape your refrigerant with.
Come on, cheer up, I'm not in love.
Let's pretend we're fat men
Who want to eat each other's shoelaces like spaghetti.
How long will Google exist?

Na NaNa BooBoo, I do it more desperately than you do.

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