Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ch.2 of "Shametrash"

Jam-shorted commando into the dawn
A garbage-truck empty of all but bass
Flatters itself crude crewed into a couple's awakened view.
Right before you die stealing new transport away, you say:
"I was afraid you'd miss me.
I like Cadillacs--what I like
Best is the price--free!"

As your last boat leaves nailed
A large bald man approaches
With a remote-control device telling you're tailed--
The sun flares both strength & peace
Until it is an axe sharpened
With nature & self-reliance,
So sharp you cry out,
Dropping your vanilla soft-serve
Ice cream cone,
"Daddy, Daddy, let me down,
Let me fish fish forever
And let every laugh be the sound
Of handmade lovenotes and baby deer
Eating gasoline out of the palm of my hand."

The gasoline approaches in the form
Of a helicopter, made secure with clay
Silent and smooth, just like always.

The sky slips blue-denim over the machine-gun mountains--
A loose coverall, and then
The fire starts, men are dying,
And the synthesizers are wrong
For cooperating in this soldier's ballet-
Plastic of booted grease and kidnapping.

You wake up 2 light from tranquilizers--
Today is payday.
Strangely orchestrated, the flute of an up-elevator
Plays the fleet loneliness of watched ballgames
Over the naval battle of bitten nails until all that's left
Is a good soapy footwash in a sink
Of gesticulations slated to gestate same-y states.

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