Sunday, August 12, 2012

String Theory

by Kevin Young Dum 

“The A string of a violin…is designed to vibrate most
readily at about 440 vibrations per second: the note A.
If that same note is played loudly not on the violin
but near it, the violin A string may hum in sympathy.”

Watson and Crick found only proof
Man’s world tumbles and rises
Conspiralling in the recurrent helix
  Of its malcontentious desires—
And that by an accident;
  The three dimensional image
  Of Vico’s history, Campbell’s masks
And mutating grand, intuited grimace.

  Already Blake had set our energies
To click the bomb’s time when reason
Most divides—
                          for him divinity marked
the territory where the bark of confusion gnarled the sides.

We keep up the HazMat failure,
smithying ourselves into molten worms,
our experiences like hamburger meat cannoned through a colander,
or Playdoh squeezed out in serpentine shapes.

We are told the universe is strings,
writhing like water snakes and open ground chuck.
Should we bless it on a ship,
at the table, hands in a steeple,
an albatross cut steam and nice plump with a butter knife?

Strong string is always layered,
which I can see.
Chords are not one note, but
many strung in unison—

Even our DNA is twisted like the twine of a noose, or
the half open zipper of a body bag. 

Ommmm. Jai guru.

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