Thursday, August 9, 2012

Solemn Salt Kate Turned Back From Her Lot

for Katie

Apple of Sodom, Black Ash, Blue Ash, River-Red Ash,
Along Sand-brier, Brittlebush, near blue-of-the-heavens, two
Boxelders, bittercress from whiskey-cherry,
From blueberry cornel, colic weed, corydalis,
Devil’s Darning Needle deadnettling all the
Eye of dindle, silky dogwood every
Fast Fair-maid-of France frumpy at fast-time
Gone towards Feverbush, Feverfew, felonwood,
And this my hoss, my house, my hiss and fit,
My groundlike lichen fairy-moss,
O (yeah) gliding gloam, golden buttons, goldenglow, Golden Jerusalem,
How goose tongue, gutweed, I long, lonely Kate Kibler
My meandered mourning Name nice on/off proper parapet,
Quiet requite, right renovant sir Sam, to talk to tell us used useful verdant virgins
Walking wide whole xylophone yonder yellow zounds,
Hen bit, American white hellebore
I am hay-fever, hey fever! greater henbit and bent
Hemp my dogbane, herb barbara barbed so barbarous
To my naked soft-soled so-less-shod step
Sound and sibilant side the sting of bee-buzz
Bumbling dumb in memories made, melding
In the green garden golden of grass long so long long ago
So papa, dear papa, poor Cancer papa had walked with cherry cane popping
Snipping, sniffing Brown Daisy, Poorland Daisy, all the late, lengthy
So long led we afterdays lone, some lethargy
With his Brown-Eyed Susan, Mint Julep, me American White Kate, and his Cancer Jalap-- Father, mutable crab, Devil’s Hair, not me be-deviled. 

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