Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We Come Recommended, Apparently

Gordon Lamb over at Flagpole selected us as one of his Athfest picks:

Reptarz II

Some bands take things very seriously. Others take the piss. Sometimes you just can’t tell who is doing which. All of which is to say that Reptarz II speaks better for itself than anyone else could. Here’s a statement they sent me: "The Domestic Bemusement Park Department of Musico-Critical Outreach gladly presents Reptarz II. Reptarz II are happy objects—drastic happy—and no more a joke than anything else is." And you know what? I think I believe them. Although there’s a certain necessary sturm und drang passion to their new noise (think: no-no-wave), considering all their lyrics are lifted straight from the bouncy pop sunshine songs of popular Athens band Reptar, there’s also a long tradition of this type of collage. It’s an ear-churner, a palate-cleanser and a big fat smile all around. Good job, lads! -GL (Friday, CinĂ©, 10:45 p.m.)

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