Saturday, June 16, 2012

Police Order Extra Patrols Amid Fear of KKK March

After a disaster varying tactics reflect limiting skies
In a common injury nod to political considerations.
7,000 virgin fleshlights covered in bacon.
Is TV yr favorite dildo? TV is an HIV positive influence.
TV eats yr bear clawwwssss!  Aaaarg!

I will dance the hibachi at yr wedding. Scrimp. Steak.
Grits. Hello. Hello. WTF MOM I'll BRB.

At the health-food-sex-shop-co-op, Bradley Flame
Sees Alexandra Piratical & sez, "How could you steal
That starfruit?  It's like stealing from your own brother?"
A:  I never had a brother!
B:  I'm yr brother.  (They embrace tearfully.)  I mean, never mind.  Grandma lied to me. (They make out.  Music swirls. B pushes her head down, down...)
A:  I have feelings too.
B:  I only ever wanted 2B with u, at least, during those times when I wanted to be with you. (pause)  I'm a jealous man. Other men exist.
(Long pause. Tears flow.  A picks a knife out of her boot & stabs B in the thigh.  Crickets chirp in the darkness.  Smoke belches from exhaust pipes.  Staple gun.  Sautering iron.)

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