Friday, June 22, 2012

Latent Revolutionary Hummer Exhaust of Wal-Mart Parking Lots

Like teeth falling out, DFACS takes the kids away.
Hummer Exhaust like a cloudy chance of meatball-supernova
Has rubbed poison oak between the thighs
Of the Salvation Army, marching on their dimes.

Looking at the average Wal-Mart worker, cheated out of his overtime by the fear natural to the replaceable part of the machine fat enough we can't imagine replacing, I cry tears that freegan the moisture of this desert of disability-and-perversion heckling parking lots, where the security cameras are us, capturing the crime and criminal on the silent witness of tape, without a tongue to lick the past's envelope closed as the Dead Letter Office's furnace door.

The Hummers descend like badly slept locusts upon the buffet of America
And the ravaged wheat, ascending on the oiled wind of five finally gone posts,
Chaffs the perverse security cameras.

Hummer exhaust may be governing
The universe, even its A/C.

A Hummer piloted by wristcutting schizoids, depressive night-bowling
Soccer moms and loaded with homemade napalm,

Should be driven, heckling the bike culture with
An exhaustingly excessive sexual fetish into the wheelchaired,
Yet still silently screaming the accuracy of clocks, pacemaker-
Pig-heart of the blogosphere.

Hummer exhaust is the revolutionary impulse
Behind smoking a cig to the filter.  And then
the moonlight caught your hair, and you...
will you call me when you get there?

At CVS, water is on sale for $2.99.  The Salvation Army has bumrushed 24-hr pharmacies nationwide, demanding the late-night employees steal Silly Bandz and all forms of Birth Control.  The Salvation Army, in accordance with its name, wants to save the world by exhausting it.  Let the population explode uncontrollably or have the whole world sterilized.

Birth control is what happens when Hummer exhaust
Vomits flu-shots you can get at Wal-Mart,
Anytime, 24 hrs.  This hunting dumb season whooping
Cough and decaf coffee are having another comeback.

The security camera of the Wal-Mart parking lot is a crime-scene tape, barring your entry.  Which prison are you in you wish to be transferred behind the witnessing bars of a parking lot rape you weren't at?

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