Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dennis Rodman's Life 4 U

The advantage of having nothing to lose.
Look at yr position.  No one can help you.
No one will help you.  What would it help
To get help.  Fuck help & all of it.
Strength is knowing how to lose everything again
& again.  It always accrues something.
Love comes like fleas.

Who wants 2B my rebound girl?
Won't it be fun!
We'll share some witticisms, maybe dance
together, badly, intoxicated, out of mutual
I'll drop PBR bottles on the ground
Cutting yr feet, but you'll be drunk
So you won't care, and then I'll
Take you back home to my ridiculously dirty
Home for a Band-Aid.

We'll try to fuck, I dunno, cuz that's
What ppl do, esp. lonely ppl,
And surely we can too,
But we won't be able to,
I won't get it up,
Cuz either I'll be too drunk
Or still too in love
To feel anything but loss, guilt & shame,
But maybe I'll continue going down on u
Or u me, or us both together,
to no avail beyond chewing the dip.
How rad.  Totez awesome.
Gotta love the single life.

Feel a lil better.  Mind a lil quiter.
I am going to feel like a piece of shit in the morning.

Or maybe we will fuck & delay the shame
Of it till the morning,
Maybe just my shame,  maybe just yrs
Well whatever.  I have more important matters 2 think
Of than sex and not having it.

If somebody asks me in the market of solace "how are you doing?"
One more time
I'm gonna almost cry.

Shit.  I almost cried again.  And they're still fingering the handmade cloth
Of prettified happiness, lowering the price.

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