Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On Bombast, On Beauty: Deindustrializing America Through Domestic Chores, Nocturnal Copulation Biases, and Waste Displacement Theories

If   such a sublime cyborg
would   insinuate the future        as post-Fordist subject,
his palpably masochistic          locations
                                                 as ecstatic agent
                   of the sublime superstate
need to be decoded                   as the “now
              -all-but-unreadable DNA”
                                           of a fast deindustrializing Detroit,
             just as his Robocop-like          strategy
of carceral negotiation                  and  street control
           remains    the tirelessly
                                                           American one
of inflicting regeneration                     through violence

                    upon the racially heteroglossic
                                                       wilds and others of the inner city.
Since thought                              is seen
               to be “rhizomatic” rather than “arboreal,”
the movement of differentiation                      and becoming
                                    is        already
                                                    with its own positive trajectory.
To this end,                                     I must
underline                                 the phallicism
endemic to the dialectics of penetration
routinely deployed
                                                 in descriptions of pictorial space
and the operations                       
                                   of spectatorship.
This was the account
                            I had
                          from the priests
                                                    about the arrival of Helen at Proteus’ court,
                           when one                            of foreign speech
                          casts a papyrus yoke            upon the sea,
                          bethink you                          to keep
                          the bleating goats                far from Euboea.
                                                                                        In order to avoid confusion here,
               it should be noted
                                          that it is                 of course true
                                          that in any              given instance
                                          of pain,                   there may
                                        actually be present      a weapon
                                        (the hammer may really be there)
                                        or wound,                     but
                                       these things                 are referential;
consequently we often call on them to convey the experience of the pain itself.
You see:                                          When they
           asked him                        to write laws for them,
                          he refused
                                           on    the grounds
        that the city                    had already been
                                                        mastered by a wicked constitution
               He    retired
                               into    the temple            and played
                                       dice with the children. 
                                                                                                        The first thing
                                                      to have been   harmonized,
                      the One
                                      in the   middle    of the sphere,
                                                                       is called      the hearth.

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