Friday, June 22, 2012

The Moral Life of Babies In Low-Maintenance, Sleep-Pollen Formations

There was a static of bad reception like fallen hair
Under my waxing cable of downward-skin,
I saw, rumping the hip of the blogosphere's trigone caul
Licking the miasmatic stars of the eyes
Before the feisty magnetospheric-ire-serum of the lips--
They who clean, vicious, ripped--

Swamp Thing, with his violet foam of greenfriendly
Saliva, is expectorating a vegan's turds into a discarded vat
Of ocean-inseminating nuclear waste.  The Vegan
Turds are the stuff of the new green houses.
Ed Begley Jr. lives in houses of dried vegan
Turds & Dippin' Dots.

Someone is blotting yr ignominy in a nerve length of shivering Gestalts!
Collate, consume yr cauterized verbtestes, saying:
My lips are painted slick sod with the fingercups
Of balmy, foggy CONTRA-grunts.
I am shivering my scrotum with duct-tape & coca-cola,
Collating gestalt-cash in an ignominy of bad-reception-cloaca.
How many ellipses can fit on the head of my dick?
How many exclamatory sledgehammers inside the waterfall
Scrim of my urethra?

I am loving you so much right now I am
Dieting on cacao, milk, cocoa & caramel.
I am loving you so much I will shit you chocolate tiaras
Of Turtle Doves bars, and gift you, popping yr cornhole,
An edible Christmas-skirt of all the lights I might
Turn on for you.

If I could only capture the power of an idea and
Build a company around it.

Robocop said, "Minimally invasive and scareless surgery.
This is how we make our mark."

Dr. Arcane, British as a sugar biscuit, slicks his hair
Back with seitanic vegan-turds.  He is putting a
Puppet show on for babies at his Infant
Cognition Center.

Athens is burning up politics & history like a venture-capitalist
Jell-O-pudding-theremin-virtuoso.  The girls are wearing
North Faces and gold lacrame.

Drain an energy hog.  Socket the molasses & ivy marinated butt of
Boston between the sleep-deprived black ringed eyelids of
Your casual menage-a-trois-love-sandwich blinking out
The pollen of cellphones and screeching tires.

You are so tits, high style meets low maintenance.

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