Saturday, June 16, 2012

2 Semi-Occasional Failures


Like the earth when weeping dogs cower
Hungry over the wet-grass,
A song full of conched washes
And my life a new bamboo

Cutting board, dressed like sushi
For a painted mouth of financial success--
Because I was sappy--
I traded a root for a fig & let my love
Be a watercolor of unicorns drowning American G.I.'s on coral reefs:

Not a single blade of paper
Would spring from the earth's surface
To branch out and flower into a bruised violin
Scratching out from its own given dirt a luxurious itch.


Because I love you the table of sharked art
And the putrid lamplight of the heart
Feel sorry for me.

A fist is a flower too
And smacking unfolds like rude lips in hunger.
The day unclenches its bottom
And blossoms into an extended palm
Of dirt road I have the pleasure
Of maybe taking.

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