Friday, June 22, 2012

Backflow Hobgoblin May Vex Plumbed-In Brewer Operators

Can life ever have so much significance that art has to cease having meaning?  Right now, as the internet throws up significant stories and images almost everyday, fiction, in an attempt to compete, is growing more & more grotesque.

Enlightenment dream of autonomous individual who dictates to reality rather than being dictated to by it to buy it.

Blumenberg presents what he regards as an attractive version of the myth of the immortality of the soul.  He interprets Nietzche's note, "That we could bear being immortal--that would be the highest thing," as suggesting that we should imagine immortality as the capacity to see all the consequences of one's actions (after as well as before one's death) and to remember (without benefit of repression or forgetfulness) everything that one did; from which flows the question, could one in fact bear it--to continue as the person who had "that" past and "those" consequences?  This myth certainly serves very well to focus one's responsibility to and for oneself, while avoiding the "superman" implication of idealism and of (most of) Nietzche, and of Jonas' myth--the implication that man must accept responsibility for reality as a whole...

General Chamomile, as he had aged, had found himself considering the entirety of the public sphere his responsibility. Before he could buy coffee, or a chair, even a chair he found quite comfy, he had to consult the data from the latest surveys and product reviews.  To live like this, Chamomile had had to create a special Department for Everyday Surveys.

--a whole room full of consumer reports (like a wine cellar)--flow charts

--these are the carrels, short, sharp, Schacht

General Chamomile, in his time as Darpa mastermind, helped fund a number of discoveries:

  1. a way of turning indefinite articles into definite articles
  2. an aardwolf could be taught to eat abalone, have heart attacks, be taken aback and abaft
  3. an abbess being abducted by God was an abbreviation
  4. to abase was his job, to be abashed was yr job
  5. an abbatoir was a type of abatjour
  6. an abecedarian was usually abeam
  7. the predator predicts incursive incompetence
  8. forbidding fobs to forebode globular forgetfulness cottontailed whatever was concatenate, concentric
  9. the clock of love stops somewhere around here...

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