Friday, March 16, 2012

Tantalizing Excerpts from "The BP Oil Spill: An (n)E(c)rotic Novel of American Erotic Progress In Erotic Progress"

from the first chapter entitled "Love at 1st Oiled Bight: :

--Mrs. Palin, the moment I saddled mine eyes upon you I failed madly in love. I felt my generally-genitals rise up in salute to your sovereign beauty and my blood run as hot as an old laptop with a cum & cheeto-clogged fan.
--Yah, yoouu beitcha!
--I lay my noveltygag fortune and my heart at your manicured feet. If we were in bed together, I would approve my impassion for you 32 times in succession! May I be punished by a life of enforced and alien sincerity, constructive political action, and self-satisfied consumer activism if I tell a lie!
--Pie in the sky!!!!
--Now, as a woman, listen here, in spite of my mustache, as a woman, Hawaiian shirt and Converse my feelings are sincere, to you, as a woman...I do not speak to every any woman, to you, as a woman, in this fundamentally true yet hyperbolic manner. I am no Johnny Hamm Depp Robert Pat Pattinson Robertson Casanova.
--O sir, you bowl me over!
This conversation took place one sunny morning in a Times Square Cafe & a 5th Ave cafe via ChatRoulette with a shunt mid convo switch of medium to Skype. It was May, the month when nature is reborn, when Sarah Palin with her eyes, amidst the wild wild or the wild street, rejoiced to stare down at the utility and concomitant beauty of the earth beneath her pumiced feet, pumice which had no doubt come from something much like this earth of NYC, the asphalt which she believed had been mined, extracted whole from, no doubt, the hole underneath her very own house.
--Sarah, call me yr car insurance provider. I'd love to ride in your glovebox.

from the Poetic Prologue in imitation of Catullus' 63rd lyric and to the beat of Timbaland's "The Way I are":

Grudging towards America over violent information
Snot on the oil-soaked boozh-Gulf vacay-staycay coast
Sarah Palin, with urgent teats treads the opaque ground
Of the damned dam-straight all-sales are final,
Her wits cuddled cute in a social-contract-they-need
The smoke signalled syllables of public opinion
Descend like sliced testicles and stew in the Rocky Mountains,
Cut off with the razor-tip of the fresh-injected
Syringe of stimulantly false liquidity (Gatorade/Vitamin Water, sup!).
Well, that just tears it.
Maybe now we can reopen the fanny(mae may)pack discussion.
Sarah with her hard-hat ass busies, reinstalling vapor
To the morning empty of optimistic structural advantage,
Autographing her autographs...

A fruitbat with the head of a secretary FDA-FDIC approved scrolls thru a tax-bitten
Social security talcum & ink DMV identikit.
The snow (ash) wipes the neighbor girl.
Outside, the sulfur coughs up nothing but thawed laundry
In its place and the oneway hammer
Leaves the blunt flower miming love
On the steps.

Sarah Palin dresses as a sliding door...
The cityscapes strip their italic filters.
Some form of organless reverb transliterates the dark.
I am toggling until my output jizzes out to caulk the faultline of Sarah Palin's rehearsing mouth.

from the Dramatis Personae listing:

Sarah Palin gets turned on by poetic cliches. She is wearing a bathrobe made out of McNuggets & bathsalts. An orphan haunted by crows in the desert got her real wet, and when the orphan would read his poem about his grandfather dying, she would strip off her black-lace bra and rub his spiritually-thirsting, 5-o'clock shadowed face between the cashcows of her breasts. The orphan poet who had an alter-ego with the mouth of a mute would then, spreading his feet in a power stance, intone:

"I missed you dead old man
earth & dirt
the sparrows in the virile green pastures fight over my bronze my ribs
the silent stone thirst of my lips thrust the shadows of death away
like smelly carrion flowers
o shadowed sparrow of sparrow, the ripple
of this my stone in the moonlit green ocean of time!"

Palin reacted with, "O, oooo, oooo god, omi....o....ommmmm....omigod."
And then, from him, "OOOOOO, I am toggling until my output jizzes out to caulk the faultline of her mouth, this so beautiful in world-historical histrionic mouth of laudanum dumb dum dum plum plumb periplum cum scrim!"

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