Saturday, March 17, 2012

Books offered by us

A List of Books Now Offered by the Cunny Isle Bemusement Park

Here is a list of books now offered by the Cunny Isle Bemusement Park’s Departments of Critical Exploratory Outreach, Domestic Bemusements, and Scientific Creativities.  Plz help us write these books. Some of them we have written, or will write, at your will, and we will send them to you, at yr will.  If you write one of these books before we do, plz send it to us, at our will.

Here's a really disorganized list of potential titles for probably potential, volitional books:

Take Yourself Out and Someone Else With You:  A Terrorist’s Guide to Dating All the Way To The End
1.       I Hope You Know A Lot More than You’re Believing
A lightly illustrated book about the modern problem—how we sift thru shit.
2.       “TV is your dildo of choice & I See Static In Your Future”
3.       “Dildos complicate pregnancy.”
4.       Get Broke Just For a Fix
5.       Turn Off Your Brain & Think About It
6.       Sexual Healing Just for the Feeling
7.       Suxx 2 B U Strawman
8.       “It’s funnier in quotes”
9.       If no genitals, do not resuscitate.
1   Let’s not sleep together thru this insomnia.
11.   I’m gonna make you get alone & then I’ll think to myself how you’re all alone.
12.   Alone by Ourselves Together In This
13.   How Can I Hold You When I’m All Ears?
14.   Don’t Go Into Labor When the Job Won’t Work
15.   Did you meme to say that?
16.   Handshakes & Hors d’oeuvres. 
17.   Cancer Humbled Me.
18.   Let’s leave this place and never come back until tomorrow.
19.   I just don’t have enough time to live out the rest of my days.
20.   Reclaiming the Reclaimed:  We’re Gonna Make that Mean Again
21.   Do You Enjoy Being Miserable?
22.   It’s high-time sumtin got its.
23.   I oughtta kill u for being alive.
24.   I Tried It & Now I’m Proud of my Face.
25.   Life is No Place for a Kitty-Cat.
26.   Good Looks from Ugly People
27.   Ugly Looks from Good People
28.   Pretty Soon It’s Like We’re Gonna Have Been Here Awhile
29.   Throw Some Color Where the Future Was
30.   Phthiriasis & Dices
31.   Poems U Kin Stik Ur Cock In2, Pomez 4 PPL Like U
32.   God is the All-You-Can-Eat of Shapes
33.   Fundraisers are for Communities that Don’t Exist.
34.   Tic Tac Tacos
35.   How To Carry Out Real Operations of Desire In the Material World
36.   Most People Go Through Life Using Up Half Their Energy Trying To Protect a Dignity They Never Had.
37.   Hands Alive to Eat the Breadcrumb of Her Face.
38.   Aye Eye I, canta no llores
39.   DIY DUI
40.   Notes on Stupidism
41.   Manual for the People
42.   Trust Me, It is Very Important that I Keep Lying to You
43.   How To Recover from Mental Laryngitis & Speak With A Different Voice
44.   Playing Marco Polo with a Charlatan Detector
45.   The BP Oil Spill:  An Erotic Novel of American Progress (in progress)
46.   Fragile Things Getting a Fair Shake
47.   It was a Cafeteria Year
48.   Things You Don’t Have to Think About
49.   I’ve Got a Bad Feeling I’m Coming
50.   In This Movie I Can’t Believe Keeps Happening
51.   My Blood Doesn’t Have Muscles
52.   Sex Toys Netflix HBO
53.   Iz Agile Like a Mongoose
54.   They Don’t Admit It. But People Like Eating Shit.
55.   “I Deserve to Drink All The Beers”—A Memoir by Christopher Nelms
56.   I was hoping you were a Type 2 Diabetic

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