Monday, March 19, 2012

Action in History

It was an impossible plane in that world. . . Men believed in him.

The ground is moving
Beneath him    it moves
With him        

With his changing
Changes          come
Into being        from formality

This is not new
Nor uncommon           but
Phenomenal    and fantastic

It is freedom of a real sort      
Well documented        and      making it-
self       continually creating    problems

For itself          in the environment of its making
For being freely made             it encounters
Its constitution                       a being in the new world

From a series of steps
A place            freedom
after     itself

Hence              there are duels
Challenges among the freed men
The loose and the dead

Whose outcomes we expect
Little of           but care greatly for
See the articulation!    How previously made             how little remains

But the structure!        The sound
Of history beating      becoming meaning
In meaningful ways

“O’ he was just mean”           they say
“His smile betrayed it all”     the niceties
and the women            “did you see him with his daughter?”

“They were too close”                        they say
“Its unnatural to love her as he did                and his wife”
—how beautiful                      “she bore a scar”        with her child

All this                        the charm
To explain the charm             
Away               always

For a killer in a fair fight        
Can’t be beat while fighting   or waking
For that matter           the world folds to such men

Even as their shape erodes
Taking with it everything       but a vigor
That matters   most

Only by omission       in fact              can such men be beat
The trade secret                      of a narrative now long          
Since decommissioned            the excavation beginning                    continuing here

As it has                     elsewhere
In other times              revealing
The striations of our time’s founding

Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr

The affixing of movement       a
Point when all were not          but
Some were       really   now famously so

Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr


Think of Sade             removed
By a letter       publicly

His persistence           Paz’s volcano
The extremity of         his furor
 Its appropriate           enactment

In writing        by
Writing            coming
About              around him

In         Vincennes
In         the Bastille
In         Charenton

Following him                         loving him
Like a sister-in-law                 or manservant
Latour with                             under the Spanish fly

Only then                    right
After aphrodisiacs       right
Could he control         even his own nature

And even then             right
A foundation               right
In our world                right

His libertinage                        was he not
Already one                 before making
Himself                       others one

Hadn’t it already been           purchased       
Before Rose Keller                  her remarkable trait
Of not doing that                    for

Some things just can’t be bought      
From some                  so others
Must be made            

His freedom    then
As before         subject
To no one but itself

In         Vincennes
In         the Bastille
In         Charenton

Sade wrote the revolution
Before and after          it happened
Whether it listened      or not

Ears are the last of the sensual text’s concerns
As materials other than
Meals, wine and paper           to document were his

Ours now                    his writing
Its not rebellion           not peering outside its grounds
Nor indifferent to its creation             a real tragic thing

Thus something else   some
Part written for abundance     present
Materials        not a lack of others

He brought them
He consumed them     like never before
He made himself         what he was

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