Saturday, March 24, 2012

Being in Public


Gabby, your figure is pregnant
Now let me nurse you
To natural birth

Arise                                                                             in the seat of our beings

            A rise

                                                                                                            From the zone

Today, the wound resigned
It needs time
To recover, she said
She will be back, she said
To serve again


The speaker    fighting his self
The party
They    they all cry

They are all moved

We       after following the reports
So long as we all follow          have followed the reports
are also moved

As the friend of the holder
Of the wound
Notes the reader         speaking         nodding
Reading the note        how

As another     
She cannot make its letters
Sound              fully

Claps  not what she deserved
Not even her
Still     claps    yet

What of the advantage?
Still     so long remaining

Or suspension—is one
Not the other

What of the advantage
Today            afterwards?
What of the state
Of the wound’s


Who cares
For it
No one wonders

It is
Cared for
All is based on
That    they
We suppose

III. (Zone B)
And for those caring of
For the caring
Care, advantage
In the works
Of the wound

Unlike its maker
Her husband knows
Intimately in
His decision
To bend
To her


We claim him
In stars we shroud him
His blood is more than
Holy, proven so not only
Now, but before
To us
We claim him
He is ours as we claim
Her for ourselves
So she is ours
As she claimed us
For her self
For her advantage
For her wound
Claimed her
For us
For everyone
For us all as well
As well as us
As did we
We did today

Doubting a return
Like today’s
After the claiming
By all

Stood her
It thinking       limiting her
For her            he thinks        crying
Sincerely at that
A moment       them all
Speaking to
But also for     the household
Think of everything
The state of
The union here today

The lack
Forming it
Lending itself
Its damage to confront
The affront done
To us all by it


M, sounds good. I'm shooting P an email now.

Nice to hear about A stopping by. I was, to be honest, very excited to tell him the tentatively good news
when I saw him at the cafe yesterday.  

Talked to J. He had no particular knowledge regarding S's accommodations, but doubted that the foundation would provide a work visa by merit of my potential grant. S is more comfortable playing it loose than I am, though, so if I do receive the F, well be going and working her public life out on the cuff. A’s immigration website is friendlier than I expected. Here's hoping a college degree and staff experience at a library qualify a "skilled worker."

Thanks again,

Are you able to ask for help
When you want it
Or do you have to motion,
            Trusting an understanding?

How was the reading of you letter arranged
And how written?

I ask because it seems so
Important to the consensus built.

Surely you recognize
Its rarity.

You broke an era
By merit of your being broken

Brought the aisles to their feet
For nothing

A contribution
To the war on drugs

From Mexican
Cartels                        not ours
From Mexico

That’s             all
The bald men
Led to.

The one that loves you
The other that
Adorned you

With your perfect lack
Of skills          making
Room for         grace and

Leaving the star         
Of your seat
Nothing to talk about

            they both
Led to

While your seat
Remains something
To us all

When it is still             important
To me                          at least
And I know your record

I knows its good
But not great and that
The next will be worse

Almost assuredly
The next will be

Than you        and you
Didn’t even
Go out

For today

V. Zone I


In her body
She feels it

She      feels it

It is      nothing
Eating something

Making it        out of nothing
As she is used to

Tho nothing
Is past

It is      in her
It is      eating her

As she and we
Are eating it    in her  

Wanting her    to
Reenter           it         

For us              but
With it

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