Friday, March 16, 2012

Sweet Baby Belly Bowl

dedicated to Bette Midler, Idi Amin, Gertrude Stein & Margaret Sanger

Sweet Baby Belly Bowl is that pussy still readywet 2B licked & dicked?
O fo sho sweet baby belly bowl
Feet lady jelly roll
You my sweet baby belly bowl.

What were you thinking sweet baby belly bowl????
I’ve never seen you act that way.
O sweet baby belly bowl that’s enough!!!
You can’t talk to my friend that way. 
Sweet baby belly bowl I face swarms of man-eating
Bees with nothing but smoke to put em to sleep.
Sweet baby belly bowl
I’m not a cupie doll!
Sweet baby belly bowl what are you thinking?
What are you thinking sweet baby belly bowl?
O sweet baby belly bowl
In the street shady near the deli hole
Did you see the meat lady with the smelly mole
My sweet baby belly bowl?

O O O Oooooooooooooooo
My sweet baby belly bowl.
Sweet baby belly bowl
It’s too far to walk!
Let’s go somewhere whur we ain’t gotta talk!
I just wanna put some caulk
In your bathtub, you sweet baby belly bowl!

If my last name was Burrow
I’d worry your groin like a forehead
Plowing your care into furrows.

O sweet baby belly bowl 
in the neat gravy. ready, whole!!!

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