Wednesday, May 22, 2013

my treasure island

salute! and mark presage towards crossing on here yet,
and so now harangued about the neck and beaten bit by bit into and bitten
who answered but what should with my streets cluttered up with answers again

how heavenward was wilting
a strong smell of almonds from mouth
to mouth about a slow one

one by one urine and cesspool creep along to you and after
to have once taken trousers back by ponytail as once you did
to have commandeered such rakish feat unto days and days all along

red-breasted by foes, declined in muck for much too much and so and so
and on, a drunkard tail wagging to the test and goings on, who has not
everything was at once put into light by knowing some thing put right to god before

devise miracles: and like some static-99 to undergo at all is to have already failed
bereft of anymore hours, you'd just as like to go on to some other island such as
a full-lipped manger cupping an ass could not have encumbered engendering such-wise

i will clasp you, here and wan
too long delivered now have heaped-up
and waited, crowed caladrius turning

fear sets the serpent to his fate and all
others to have done with what they choose
no: to take back my mouth from the mouth a-yawing

good too much to have agrieved
and so set tongue to teeth and edge
a despot upon two cusps churning so long

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