Friday, May 24, 2013

Material Conviction

When this girl starts brushing her fingers through her ponytail
out falls 6 pregnant women in lascivious lingerie.

I'm shocked enough but not shocked enough, if ya catch my Tokyo Drift

When I see fighter planes streak in the sky I know its true
what the men at the gym say, "No Pecs, No Sex."

If only I had killed a man
maybe I'd get love letters too.
I wish I was a more apparent convict.

But when I got to Japan & I'm American
it will be like I have killed a man

I'll be such a goddamn man there
that at night I'll weep into my own bosoms

remembering those 6 pregnant women
belly-dancing and selling their soiled underwear in Ziplocs

for use of a voyeuristic electrical-socket
the fat voyeur in the corner is always hogging.

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