Wednesday, May 22, 2013

late night break beats, fix them in the morning

they are piercing needlepoint in the subway they are making it in chromakey green
they who are at what legacy, knowing what with notching tools on a long line for mcbee cards
they who haunt they who, rife with what work, string up soft stools of felted what they

and who on such malarkey and hullabaloo took to that too, i did with doggerel and the 'stach

now look who's knocky knocky and brandishing bowls of porridge for lot's wife, yes, i too
a crispin to the tanner, a shield leadened to equal the amusement of befuddled late october morning
and, yes, with what ho a how and i, too, took that to a flagon filled up with the pile-on, get back

you, what simpering shit, i did

now cuckold, a choo-choo, setting up knots was a sailor's art and her she comes 'round the
they who took that they who, sharpened, did not and stood by on some other in the children's whey
someone, they amassed a sizable recreational collection of bidets for the house guests they
they are terrifying and covered in glaze, at one a.m. in for a treat at the kreme and what ho

someone took to polishing turds but they

at what point do we put on the other pants and will you watch it, full up of curds and jingles
i have and they they do not with what how i do, yes, a frazzled mirror a-buzzing with poor joints

now laugh they are coming to

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