Friday, June 28, 2013

Satisfaction is Legion

The lagoon was full of swine carrying broken doors on their backs.  I sat in the tide, clenching my jaw like an excited sphincter, wishing I felt an oceanic joy.

The pigs tried to roll over but couldn't--the doors were too long, too wide.  My coffee was just giving me shitnasty heartburn so I got down on all fours and decided to cast a dye of pearls.  I'd teach them how to roll over in the lines and warm their bellies.  I crawled into the sea and began drinking it.  I shat myself.  I vomited.  Not necessarily in that order.

The pigs followed my lead.  The sky stank with us.
"Apologize!" I screamed, "Apologize!"
We threw a tantrum of humility.
And that's how we all found jobs and got gainfully employed.  Side to side, back and forth, we rolled like LLCs in the black for years.  In turrets we policed the desert in which acne took us home.

Like a turtle into a filthy bib
     I wore hardened as a home.

I was a child
                   forced to do plumbing.

I bore pride like a razor
     between the wrench of my cheeks.
Before I knew it my clothes didn't fit.

I became a scale model of reduction of stress,
    fat as a wound no one could dress.

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