Tuesday, June 4, 2013

biography of medical baby talk

gustav and dora, one with 80 cm of morgellons,
the other with poshitis from the strain, kept rapt
with typtology 'neath the burka with the twerk
living in the ground zero of southern humidity

hunny bunny bored with block manipulatives, no wonder
we played doctor in the dirt just beyond the treeline leading to
distended orifice, double mastectomy, and grab-ass by genetics
was this the moment we developed sensitivities to stuff?

struggles around the handball court with a jack knife, spoiler alert:
41 days after having divested himself of soon-sunk stock options
on a tip, confers with conde nast and decides on peninsula papagayo,
when, one last match before his flight, the guy in white shorts gets it

theosophical pinion in divine pickle: in vitro making mother-
hood confused in jewish homes, from whence white coat queries,
"what is to be done?" as the laboratory door joins to on imagined
jambs (there are no doors in america, it's a myth, barely portals)

hedy lamarr invented radar and how to fake an orgasm, emil
having had problems at the latches,  niddy noddy economics
in the clink, how does it work? with a school book strap to
great groin, cry out! cigarettes stand as epidurals in "system"

give birth assisted by a dolphin midwife, make no mention
of the blowhole your baby is to become but you know, new
age demands you be the sticky wicket in the green chlorine,
breathe in, surround the self with flotsam to complete feeling

a lignotuber does not a placenta make, tick tock
whippoorwills hold court 'pon the diggity of longitudinal
fissure as you do lateral damage to dicey prospects for one
who will one day do dirty in earth and there return again

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