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Glenn Busby's Afterlife: A Facebook Mystery

Betsy Baggett Clark:  I read that Eddie Major passed away in May. He had worked for the Gwinnett County Corrections Div. for years and had retired. I always thought he was the best looking "California Surfer" to ever be living on Pleasant Hill Road (Where Best Buy is now) I went to Prom with him and he was always the sweetest fellow. He was so shy.

Wayne Stephens Wasn't Eddie J.C Majors younger brother?J.C.died in the 60's

Wanda Bachhuber J.C. passed away in'74. I'm Wanda, Eddie and J.C.'s sister.

Wanda Bachhuber Thank you Betsey for the sweet memories. While going through Eddie's things I found the prom picture of you and Eddie.

Carolyn Smith what happened to Ronnie Davis?

Barbara Grice Sudderth I believe Ronnie died with a brain tumor a year or so after he graduated.

Carolyn Smith oh me that's awful

Moore T. Jeff Ronnie attended the 20th year class reunion in 1987. I remember he was sick then... He graduated in 1967. I think he died in the 1990's not sure when. He was a great football player. He is only person I played with at Central Gwinnett and later against in football. He was a member of the Tech Freshman team and I played for the Clemson Freshman team in 1967. He won 13-2. We shook hands after the game. It was great just seeing him!

Angie Williams:  Wasn't there a boy that was riding his bike, hit a pot hole near the post office and died as a result of a brain injury? Mid "80's maybe?

Windy Hood Daniels Jeff Murphy... My first funeral ever:'( he was going to baseball practice on Tray's team:'( his name has never lady my mind nor my heart...

Angie Williams Awww...Wasnt it how he hit his head?...

Marcy Murphy i thought that was glenn....not sure of last name...busby maybe?

Angie Williams Thats who I was thinking of Marcy. I didn't realize there was another one. Wasn't there also an "Algood?" Maybe Stephen?

Marcy Murphy steven allgood was shot and killed by ben huntzinger.....i didnt know steven, but had known ben for a long time. he always was nice to me.

Angie Williams Ben doed as well in a different accident, right?

Marcy Murphy well, he was in jail for several years....but i heard that as part of his sentence he had to move to indiana where his dad lived. then i had heard he died in an intentional car accident/ suicide. whether thats true or not, i dont know. that was so sad.....they had been arguing on the bus, and if i remember right, steven went to bens house to fight. i think ben shot him through a window. i think he must have been afraid to fight. just terrible for something like that to end in such a tragic way.

Angie Williams Oh goodness yes...Absolutely tragic...Do you remember how old they were?

Marcy Murphy im thinking we were all in 10th 15 yrs old, i guess.....

Charlene Manning Nash Yall aren't talking about Clint Cunnington are you?

Shannon Estrada who was the kid that died in a carwreck in 88

Marcy Murphy i remember when he died too charlene, but im pretty sure it was glenn busby that died behind the post office.....wrecked his bike when he hit a pothole.

Angie Williams That was Brian Potts Shannon, I think?

Tressa Haney Ash Clint cunnington died in a motorcycle wreck on 316.

Marcy Murphy so sad to remember all this...we sure have lost alot of people over the years:(

Windy Hood Daniels Jeff murphy was riding his bike from ball practice from Rhodes Jordan park home and his bike went down about 20 ft on his head near the post office that's why they built a little yellow wall up and a little fence up so no one else could just ride off the side walk down the pit wall. It was rite before where the RR tracks are going 29 toward town. Tray was in 8th grade:(

Windy Hood Daniels I remember Steven Allgood but not Glenn nor Ben.

Marcy Murphy that would have been before glenn busby died then, i think. im trying to remember tray....he was a year behind me, i think? i was class of 88.....

Windy Hood Daniels Ya he was class of 89'... So Jeff died around 85/84. Tray was QB of the football team for Central for alot of his high skool years along with ronnie

Jessie Grant It was Glenn Busby that died behind the post office

Cory Sinyard Definitely was Glen, I have the year book with a whole page dedicated to Glen... Class of 89

Susan Lynn Parker It was Glen. He lived in my neighborhood at the time.

Christy Lansford West Clint died on hurricane shoals road..and Steven Allgood was shot

Tressa Haney Ash Clint was on a motorcycle right?

Charlene Manning Nash Yes. I remember going to his funeral service.

Robin Renee Traeger Glenn busby was my brothers best friend he hit the wall and swallow his toung

Tim Klaes Jeff Murphy died in 1984 or 1985. I am still best friends with his brother, Sean. Jeff was riding home from ball practice on Old Norcross Road at the intersection of Davis Mill Road. He was hit by a car that was making an illegal pass. He was 13 years old. I was actually with Sean at the time this happened. When we got back to my house, everyone just kept telling Sean he needed to go home. I couldn’t believe it when they told me what happened. He was a great kid and that death haunted that family for a long time.

Windy Hood Daniels Tim I still remember it like it was yesterday. I guess cuz it was the first young friend ever or person for that matter to have ever died. His funeral still plays n my dreams.

Tim Klaes I'll never forget that funeral either. Lots of tears. A lot of Jeff's organs were donated, so some good came from it. They still talk about Jeff to this day. He is very much missed.

Windy Hood Daniels I never knew about his Organs being donated. After all this time, that actually puts a smile on my face when I think about that time in all of our lives. I still talk to my mom and Tray sometimes about it. For some reason his passing played a big part in my life...

Lisa Davis glenn busby

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