Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kobe Poems


and for those reasons I hardly care
watching on my phone
two minutes behind
a live shot chart 
at 1am

Utah has already won
its up to the Lakers now
to hold on to number eight

my body when
           I see they win
as tho its involved in
beating Golden State 
                  a proper playoff team
despite Stephen Currys 47 points

and      rechecking in the morning
learning that Kobe didnt take the final shot
despite hitting two consecutive threes

for a reason     a torn achilles
putting him out for the season
no playoffs      possibly not ever

Shaq retired this way     you know
and I feel a real sense of loss 

I feel    a real sense     of loss

even tho          as concerns Kobe
I never got the taste of Colorado
properly out of my mouth

even tho          we believe
he didnt do it

have                 for some
time now

I think
its because
this activity


the Lakers have since won out
beating the spurs and rockets
two more “proper playoff teams”
to become the seventh seed
in the west

where weeks ago they seemed a ways
away from eight

this now          
all without Kobe

suggesting that the Lakers
are now           D Hows

like the Heat   are LeBrons
like they came to
belong to him

“when he made
D Wade
say so”

only less interesting

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