Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ekaterina, twelfth and a year too late

science is doing amazing things and a few scientific facts have struck me lately:

fact: the average person experiences one to four miracles each week, although
it is possible to experience five or six or even eight if you really pay attention

fact: the total volume of the earth's oceans could fill every human who ever lived once,
but if you were to measure the cumulative volume of every tear cried in human history
it would refill the ocean twice: this is what happens when the Will Rogers phenomenon
meets Torricelli's trumpet as considered in light of Kavka's toxin puzzle,
because the human soul is of unlimited surface area, but it's capacity shifts
depending upon whether intention is the only quality necessary for reward

fact: the original costume designed for the title character of the 1987 film predator
was to be worm by jean-claude van damme and appeared to be perpetually auditioning
for a spot in the video for genesis's hit single i can't dance, not released until 1991
to the acclaim of at least one fan, who fondly recalls those better days back when:

fact: were you to list all the facts, you might be greatly helped by ordering said facts
thematically, and yet this might just as easily become a hindrance about halfway though

fact: facts are ideas not science, but science is facts, a fact that itself adheres
to the metzler paradox, since the internal value has been reduced by the tariff
on the imported good, a cultural conundrum that expands universally as we
continue to fail to solve as a nation the obesity crisis in the nursing homes

fact: pope francis has declared mother maria theresia bonzel venerable, since she cured
four year old luke burgie of his six month run of the runs, even though she died in 1905,
and luke burgie is now eighteen, enjoys bmx and definitely does not care for diarrhea

fact: you just can't make some shit up, and then sometimes you do
internet internet internet internet internet internet: tour de force

Predator Design - Van Damme


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