Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Lovestories of Dirk & Robin Hood


The 1st thing Dirk de Douche ever heard Robin Hood say was, "Vinegar can do what?" Dick said, "What?" That nite and victoriously ever after Dirk and Robin made love. Later they would open the shutters in their own house, never having to read again to make up their own minds. 


Years before 
Dirk said, "Under the wind are days flat as a graceless computer or an old torn panini."
Without grace, barren as a palpable lesson,

the river
that old machine
got into the loop.

Grudgingly his hands became soldiers of the weather.


At dawn the bushes
were hardly worth

When the gun goes off
the costume too:
Land will shimmer like a heresy
under the raining sky like a horse

refusing blue


Drunk as an island, Dirk played
how to read smiles with pebbles in the shadows.
Trees can't cover everything,
especially the night.
The fire cast a shadow and built an orange orange room where Dirk couldn't see himself feel more
or less.
"It's no good here," Dirk said
clenching the heart's draught-
tab like an overripe banana,
"the trees have no future.
I have...
The future is faint & full of banjos unhoused
in the static, 
bastard in distance."


Dirk took the long route, dying into malicious afterthoughts as far away as when you sit trying to kiss at the same waxy table.
"Who knows," Robin said, "if this
the gun I hold 
all my life
the telephone at my ear 
left undialled..."

When they tried to kiss what burned were the staples holding their hands to the numbers carved blue in the table.


He hid a meal in the drums so he could forget what was important.
No one knew how to live.
So candy and onions got eaten by a lapdog.

One day judicious as an abandoned adventure 
He would reach the Capitol
and what come


"If history can stiffen in a self-storage rental
an edible shank can be the hand
We walk together," Robin said,

"I don't know why I love
but shoot me.
I'm not in bad shape,
it's just been a long time,
a long time since anything was
the last time.
My opinion of love is
the same thing goes for
It's too late."

When traveling they should have a laziness.
It's too late.


At the last Dirk thought, he didn't read it, but wrote it:

I told myself, now its gone, we are little dots. Dot Dot Dot.
At the same time, I resembled them.
There were such parts of the world where we were lying in bed.
There's nothing to see out the window.
All people are poor.  I am watched, but did not see.
The dots went into this and into that and that into this.
We long here.  The operation began.
I told myself, now it's gone, the Time will come.
At the same time, I ended unsuccessfully.
There were such parts of the world that were all poked through with surgical instruments. Dot Dot Dot.
All people long here.  The Time will come.
I told myself, now its gone, I'll sit in the garden.
At the same time, life is various funny things.
There were such parts of the world where we opened our mouths
And said ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh and there
The most unpleasant thing was getting a hold of oneself.
All people have cellphones but you can't call yourself.
I told myself, I'll wait, we are simple phrases longing for dots.
I'll wait and look to hear a message that will come in dots
In short bursts of light, in rapid clicks.

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