Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I, Lobster: Like a Beast Made of Decisions

In the private guest room,
sitting under a medical tarpaulin
a little girl
colors in her books.
Animals vivify more than lines.
Daddy steals her unto a warm bath
With a toy whale
And sees, sleeves rolled up,
Terrible wounds.

Private colors ham in the guestwhale.  Beef sleeves the eye,
scooting a sumosuit, rock 'em sock 'em, until, forevisible, disapparatused, the hamwhites whiteout privately the interior hospitable cabinet hunghard near the harborheart.

Into the belly of the interior hospitable cabinet, I surcharge the air.
Batharbors sumorock green.
In the ocean roll empanadas, empathetic with nothing, irishgreen ferried fairies.
Is this the rubbish I sought?
These birds, jackfighting this aquatic school of downloadable jpegs of ancient beefs?
O man, everything's on sale!!!! DROOOOOOOL

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