Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tin-Man At the Birth of the Internet

The tin-man sits on a shitload of black paint next to a dog made of soft onions.  He puts his head in his hands, almost (his hands hold the forceps), and chews a tough stringbean wrapped in squirrel-jerky.
The dog starts pissing himself so he can get the stew going.

From the blue, blue sky a warped ceiling fan descends gradually like a Google-meme-statistic.
Kittens start doing cute things.
Ordinary people have amazing talents.

The tin-man pulls out the onion-eyes of the dog and funnels in black paint with a folded newspaper waterproofed with silly putty.

The stew boils over enough to batter & feed the blue, black sky.

There's a bicycle in the roar of the warping ceiling fan so big the Tin Man weld-putties it to himself with sillied words--a necessary garnish.

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