Thursday, November 1, 2012

Like Halloween in Athens

On Halloween I got in bed at 8:30pm and read a book called The Silver Crown.
The book is for children, but in the first twelve pages a house burns down and a cop gets shot in the face.

If you live in Athens and it is October, people will ask you, “What are you doing for Halloween?”
Tell them you are at home in bed and cold and alone; you could use a snuggle.

I’m not convinced people in this town snuggle enough, especially not on Halloween.
Some cool guy dresses like Max Headroom and spoils the mood for everyone.

Denizens of Athens, love is not enough: read a book out loud to your lover,
for love is not enough: read until the cop gets shot in the face, then snuggle up.

When your lover complains, “I don’t want to cuddle after the cop just got shot in the face,”
whisper seductively, “You are just like Halloween in Athens,” and watch the magic happen.

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