Wednesday, March 20, 2013

another bball poem

The Cavs Want LBJ/Back

the Heat are defending champions
a 23-game winning streak
put a historical stamp on their dominance

their superstars
seem to be on the precipice of establishing the sort
of dynasty they dreamed of

2014 could be 2010 all over again
there will be another decision

wednesday is supposed to be the first day of spring
you wouldn't know it in Cleveland

the forecast calls for snow      strong winds and a high of 30
(It will be 84 in Miami)

The Cavs have lost three straight
will be without their top three players
will host the team with the second-longest winning streak in NBA history

still      some Cavs fans will hope
 some will cheer LeBron on Wednesday night

some feel others are pussies

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