Thursday, March 21, 2013

2 Spring Break SXSW Sonnets by Dario Argento


Listen to the second ocean dry into a vast summer,
Sharpening oil without name.

Sleeping bandits rattling blankets of organs
Grow rabid harvesting marrow from beds.

There the granary thickens with waterless axes.
I see greeting as a hotel
Dirtied with the dry bristles of screams.

And then, legs hearing their own clash,
There is the sound of entirety halving,
As if a turbulent iris passed water over bones.

Scarcely within reason I bitter spiders into a harsh
Cathedral where I kneel lisping thickets from swords.

A walk can tear the substance from silence;
The black timber postaged in weeds and violence.


When the desire for allergies is teeth in the rose
Fingernails accumulate in the sky.

A scar of bacterial suffering falls, enduring the mesas.
Your red natural head resounds
To the extinguished bronco's legs I pass, habiting--
Salt where a planet of water stains poison to weeping.

All the rose lamps its bit of guilt,
Gulping paraded spiders into walls.

When it is night, broken knees beg mercy of trains.
Hostile roots harass the blood past windows.
The cat slices its tail off, growing a fountain.
The sea beats for years the leg of a duck.

All year they work, like wheat grained in silence.
They suffer, again, near desiring to suffer.

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