Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fool Disclosure 2

In the beginning, a cool mirror of quick opera
Is taken like a finger, fascist over her cheek,
And the daughter watches from the study
Until her jaw hangs from a wire
Like a painting waiting on crutches
For the new doorbell to ring.

Monday's a briefcase full of left-lame legs,
And this is where the daughter sits--
A new car left for a long vacation in the Munich airport.

Our lives crest like rental cars
Topping a picturesque hill
The villages gone ugly, like flute music for Christ.
Anyway, everyone got the right things.
Where do you have your eyes?

Soon thereafter a dark mouth haired with no false teeth shawed the illumination from her words: "The business of friendship is conducted in gifts. It cannot be traded, and as such, friends cannot be betrayed.  Friends are that which cannot be betrayed.  Betray-disclose-reveal--tell the truth-disrobe-denude-expose.  To disclose is not to end you--for then did I clothes you, as a door closes, when I refused to expose you--expose--photographs, bodies, food left out, to the elements..."

And like a bird in a ballroom we grew up in bewilderment
With all that paved space and none cobbled for flight.

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