Thursday, September 13, 2012


Wow, you guys sure like free books, huh?  Y'all ate them all in, like, one day.  (WE HOPE U KNOW DEM WERE NOT SNAX, RITE?) Thank you thank you thank you for taking our books, we really really hope you lurv them lots.

OK SO  Well, we were all, like, "Hoo-wray, now dey will write words to us," but YOU HAVE NOT.  Yes, yes, we have been coy for a couple of years now, but now we are impatient and getting very desperate for you.  We want you.  We neeeeeeeed you.  We really, really, really love you.  We need friends.  We need ideas, we need hugs, we need paints, we need poems, we need drinks, we need help with the rent.  We give you things, and you just want to get the grades.  We do not give dat, tho, but if we did you would get a D- in friendships :( :( :(

Just saying how we feel, k?

Okay, so you know how R. Kelly made that album Love Letter and it was pretty great and he played it really cool, but no one wrote him back?  And you know he was going to make a great new party record full of incredible jamz called Black Panties but apparently the panties did not show up or something and he did not even get a textual massage and so he was like, "Baby, I am not too proud to beg," and so now he made Write Me Back and it is great, and do you see where I am going with thisssss????

We got up soooo early this morning to take more books to you.  We were not afraid of getting caught, because we have talked to you and you said, "O ha ha I cannot get up that early!" so we knew we were safe (becuz we are passionate and we listen to u not like the other boyz who are gonna just brake ur <3).

OK, so we left you more books but that is not all.  We also left you love letters.

OHMAGAWD OHMAGAWD WUT IZ N TEH LETTERZ???  All kind of things, you sweet beautiful creature, you.

Some lucky foolz will gits artz drawingz.

One lucky butthole is gonna get the man himself, with a very special note just 4 u.

Some dummies will get stickerz and others will get other stuffs.  If you don't get anything in your letter, we are sorry, maybe you should write us back and ask us for something nicely.

The pink yarn glows in the dark, by the way.

Okay, we are done begging for crumbs from you, you sweet succulent morsels.  Write us back, write Kells back, write your mother she misses you.  And remember, "liking" is for froyo shops, we are human beings with emotions and values and thoughts about things.  And so are you.  Lets start treating each other that way, k?


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