Sunday, September 23, 2012

10 Tips for Aspiring Young Writers

by P-Fatz

1.      Eat until you get really, really fat.
2.      Always trust the little green squiggly lines Microsoft Word puts under your sentences. This goes for the red lines, too (duh).
3.      Try not to masturbate to pictures of people in pain, even if you can plausibly imagine they’re enjoying it, as this will dull your sensitivity to the world’s social ills and you won’t be a good writer anymore.
4.      Definitely go to graduate school for something related to English, probably an MFA, but take some Gender and Women’s Studies classes too and try to get really professional. You can never be too professional, really.
5.      Take a moment every day to look into the eye of the sunset’s deep rose, imagine your life without words, without silence, and adjust your inner meaning to the wistfulness of a life unsatisfied.
6.      Keep eating, fatass. Who told you to stop eating?
7.      When you see a child, imagine yourself as that child and immediately start writing. If you don’t think the child is old enough to write much, then start crying.
8.      Get an agent pronto. Your agent should be named Zadie Smith.
9.      The Internet: it’s a problem okay? You should look at it but only as much as it helps you to be creative. The only thing more important than eating is being creative and the internet can only help you do those things some of the time.
Go see a rom-com every now and then to remind yourself what is real life like. 

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