Monday, July 1, 2013

dm an ex

me:  i just got an email from kirsten dunst
she says, "my friend jessica is buying a car for 7,000"
 Sent at 9:44 AM on Monday
 me:  who talks like that??
 Sent at 9:50 AM on Monday
 Carrie:  whatttttt?
 Sent at 9:55 AM on Monday
 me:  i'll forward it to you. the lena dunham part is the best.
she said the $20,000 sofa was "too expensive."
it's priceless
i mean lena's comment is priceless. the sofa is obvious priced the fuck out.
 Sent at 9:58 AM on Monday
 me:  honestly, as someone who has written literally TENS of poems for lena dunham, i appreciate this tremendously
 Sent at 10:10 AM on Monday
 Carrie:  hahahaha
i am so confused by that email
 me:  there's a lot going on
it's like a poem
a poem where everyone has a book deal
 Sent at 10:19 AM on Monday
 me:  is this a decent cat emoticon? i can't figure it out.   :X<
 Sent at 10:24 AM on Monday
 Carrie:  =^.^=
 me:  oh
what's a dog? i got this shit:
 Sent at 10:32 AM on Monday
 Carrie:  hahaha
i dont know
 me:  yeah, dogs are dumb anyway
 Carrie:  yeppp

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