Monday, February 11, 2013

Laker Poems

“Dwight is Howard” Was Wrong
No Longer Premature

“Dwight is Howard”
Was wrong

It was a league of stars                      
And then it wasn’t

It was and then
It wasn’t

It was
And now

We’re unsure


1/5/13            NBA season standings

Eastern Conference                                                    Western Conference
1 .     Miami 22-9                                                                 1. Oklahoma City 25-7
2.      New York 23-10                                                          2. LA Clippers 26-8
3.      Atlanta 20-12                                                              3. San Antonio 27-9
4.      Indiana 20-14                                                             4. Golden State 22-10
5.      Chicago 18-13                                                            5. Memphis 20-10
6.      Brooklyn 19-15                                                           6. Houston 20-14
7.      Milwaukee 16-16                                                        7. Portland 18-15
8.      Boston 16-17                                                               8. Denver 18-18

Only playoff teams listed. LA Lakers 10 GB @ 15-17

Dwight Isn’t Howard

If Dwight Howard isn’t Dwight Howard anymore
Then the question becomes how can Dwight Howard
Bring Dwight Howard back—                      

Can Dwight Howard
Become himself
Become           Dwight Howard

What can the Lakers do
To become the Lakers            again?

            Must the Lakers must beat the Lakers
To become the Lakers?

Must the Lakers
Beat    themselves?
Beat    themselves?     in what?

Like the rest of the league
Can the Lakers even
Beat the Lakers?

Even Now       when everyone’s
Beating the Lakers?

Can the Lakers
at least            become            ok—

The Lakers beat
The Thunder tonite

Fifteen games back

Does this mean
Anything         to anyone outside LA?           


A Break

Three in a row
Six of seven
Less than four
Back from eighth
Yet sixteen from one

The Lakers blew it
Lost to the streaking Cs

But next
The Bobcats

A break—

4th quarter
1:29 to go
and its kinda close
its a game

down ten after one
twenty in three
100-93 final

Kobe Bryant, Lakers pull away
in fourth, top Bobcats

that they had to
that it was kinda close
that     it was a game


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